Thursday, February 11, 2010

mad artist

I am not a neat/clean person when it comes to developing an art piece. I do not worry about getting paint marks on my shirt(happens all the time! Once I've walked around in school w/a charcoal mark on my face and no one has told me until I caught myself in the mirror....)nor I worry about cleaning afterwards when im in the process of creating an art! However, my friends are awfully concerned about where I have a space to sleep on my bed.... don't worry guys! There is always a way!! haha. :)

yes, like I've said, I do not think/worry about cleaning afterwards...
washing acrylic paint off my face was awfully painful though

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

as a highschool student,

I have many other works I’ve done in past that I haven’t shown you guys in these posts below…so here they are! (Most of my works are based on fine arts, because I had no idea I wanted to become a fashion designer until my junior year in high school!)
title: Shopaholic

....I am blinded by fashion.
title:Marie Antoinette


I used the scratching technique to create these pieces, simply by scratching out the layers of oil pastels! It was one the the most entertaining pieces I've worked on.

these works are pretty self-explanatory..with the little descriptions on the bottom/side.

and most favorite piece!! this piece helped me grow patience...that i needed..this literally took me about three months to finish!! never again! haha.

Overall, i wanted to show all of you how hard work really pays off!! :)

"All hard work brings a profit"
Proverbs 14:23

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am an FIT student now! :)

I know this blog may confuse you because this was originally made for the Parsons Challenge, but fortunately, I have been actively enrolled as a student of Fashion Institute of Technology since the September, 2009. Regarding to what I have already posted on this blog, I have decided that it would be nice to continue to nurture my passion towards fashion and art and develop this blog as an online portfolio. In addition, I will be sharing my journey as a FIT student as well!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Parsons Challenge I


full view of the box:

View of the box with the light located in the back:

Close view of the city:

In this state of my life, I viewed the world through an undeveloped vision and an immature mind. I looked up to the materialistic values that were far from being reached, such as wealth and fame. My family’s economic status made it even harder for me to reach the the values that I desired for. However, my desires have continuously evolved and got me soaked in to the ostentatious beauty of the worldly values. I complained and blamed at my old shoes, cheap clothes, my parents, and even at my life for being so hopeless and discouraging. As you can see in this first perspective piece, the bright city lights steal your attention away from all the other things that are surrounding them. With the same sense, I was blinded by my own desires, not being able to realize what was around me. The shape of the box also portrays my limited and narrowed vision toward the world.

Parons Challenge II

Empty Desires

As I grabbed and held unto the worldly desires tighter, they escaped out of me leaving absolutely nothing behind, as if I were trying to grab the running water. Despite of my effort to satisfy from reaching my desires, they only grew bigger and bigger and I was not able to earn anything out of them. Then, there was the crucial turning point of my life that completely woke me up. I realized that I grew my dream for a wrong purpose. The life that I thought was miserable and poor was the life that was dreamt and desired by a numerous people living on the other side of the world. I was already living the life of their dreams. My heart crushed. I could not do anything but to blame at my egocentric immaturity. The materialistic life I desired was all about living to die, without any hope, and without a future. The moment I dealt with the crucial realization of the glorious value of my life, I gradually opened the eyes of my heart.

Parons Challenge III

The purpose of life

Approximately twenty-five thousand people are dying from starvation everyday around the world. Many of them are even being threatened from the lack of water resources. To a thirsty child in the Congo, a cup of water could mean the difference between life and death. On the other hand, God has blessed us with everything that we need, yet we take them for granted and excessively request for our desires. The purpose has driven to me the moment I realized the meaningless life I looked up to in order for me, myself, and I to be able to obtain the selfish desires. I thought about how effectively I could live my life without wasting it for my own fulfillment and satisfaction. I came up with the resolution to live for the others who are without a home, and without a vision. Thus, I did not have to look far away to find the purpose in my life. They were right by my side the whole time. I have my family, my friends, and those who seek for a help, to live for. They gave me a reason and a purpose to live.

FIT Home test(garments)

my first shirt!!!!!!!!!!! So proud. :P

Made for the DECA 09' Fashion Show. (Model:Sarah Lee)

(For Scholastic portfolio)Title:Time Closet/ This one is actually wearable!

and guess what...??!! I don't know how to sew!!!!!!!!!........I had to figure out my own way of sewing....